TWO slimming gurus have been laughing about a successful year with comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuiness.

Nicki Brooks, who runs a class in Wantage, and Michelle Spilsbury who runs one in Abingdon, got to cuddle up to Mr McGuiness when he hosted the Slimming World Awards in Birmingham last month.

Ms Brooks, who runs a slimming class at The Guildry, Wantage and The Dixon Suite, Grove, said meeting Mr McGuinness at the International Convention Centre was the cherry on the top of a great year.

She said: “Obviously the most important thing of all is that the group have lost weight and improved their health throughout 2013 and I’m so proud of all of my members – many of them have achieved their target weights and been able do things they never thought possible before slimming down.

“But as well as seeing stonking success on the scales, we’ve had a lot of fun throughout the year too – we’ve held parties in group, raised money for charity and members have cheered each other on with every step of their weightloss journey.”

Ms Spilsbury, who runs a class at Long Furlong Community Centre, Abingdon said: “Even if they’ve struggled to stick to slimming plans in the past, I know we can help them to make a change for life this time around.”