COUNCILS have pledged to continue funding a role aimed at encouraging visitors to come to Wallingford.

Oxfordshire District Council’s contract for the town co-ordinator role was due to expire this month.

But it has now pledged to put in £15,000 for this year for a post of 18.5 hours a week. Wallingford Town Council will give £5,000.

Kate Raynor took on the job in 2012, but is going on maternity leave from January 17. Another market town co-ordinator is being secured as maternity cover.

The co-ordinator is currently based at the SODC offices in Crowmarsh Gifford, but it is hoped the work will be done some of the time in Wallingford.

The town’s mayor, Councillor Bernard Stone, said: “We are extremely pleased in the town that the district council has chosen to keep the role.

“It makes a positive contribution to what goes on in the town. There are lots of things which have been achieved that without the town co-ordinator would not have been achieved.

“It has produced a very positive result in the past year.”