A DRIVER was caught applying make-up while driving with no hands on the wheel yesterday.

The woman was fined and given three penalty points as part of a two-hour operation carried out by police in Botley Road, Oxford.

Officers from Abingdon traffic unit were stationed at the old Halfords store at 8.10am. They also caught 22 motorists – on average one every five and a half minutes – using mobile phones. And a further 17 were spotted not wearing seat belts.

Two vehicles had no road tax, one had no MOT, one was seized as the driver had no licence, and three people were fined for excessively tinted front windows. All those caught were fined £60.

Pc Mark Pilling, Oxfordshire Road Safety Enforcement Officer, said: “Some people might think that the slow speeds are an excuse for committing these type of offences, but there is no excuse.”