A £500 donation from residents who do not need their Winter Fuel Allowance has helped others stay warm this winter.

The cash, donated by three anonymous Iffley residents to Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre, has helped residents in the area who do not qualify for the allowance.

Carole Roberts, director of the centre in Ashhurst Way, said: “The donation has been used to help people with fuel bills and warm clothing.

“Thank you to the people who donated. They have helped a number of people who would have been without gas or electricity during this cold spell.”

Residents who receive means-tested benefits and ask the centre’s advice workers for help with fuel cost debts are among those who can benefit.

To donate your Winter Fuel Allowance, write a cheque to ‘Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre’ and send it to Rose Hill and Donnington Advice Centre, 60 Ashhurst Way, Rose Hill, Oxford, OX4 4RF. Mark the envelope ‘Winter Fuel Allowance.’