themed nights are being introduced at Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum to encourage younger visitors.

The first event, An Evening with the Gods taking place tomorrow, looks at Greek mythology and offers visitors the chance to watch an operetta, tie a toga or talk to a gladiator.

It is being organised with the help of Oxford University Classics Society.

Cellist Isaac Louth – pictured with curator Patrick Penzo and dancer Sophie Bocksberger – is taking part in the operetta.

The 20-year-old Oxford University student said: “It’s quite exciting, it’s only the second time that the music piece has been played in Oxford since it was first written.”

The museum, which usually shuts at 6pm, will stay open until 10.30pm for the events. Admission is free, but some events – such as the operetta – will cost £5. To book call 01865 278015.