OXFORDSHIRE County Council has hit back at claims that two brothers who failed to remove waste land from their golf club were unfairly jailed.

Ron and Mick Wyatt were sent to prison last month for failing to comply with a court injunction ordering them to get rid of waste that was on their land at Waterstock Golf Course.

Yesterday, Ron Wyatt’s son Mark released a secret recording of a conversation between his father and a council officer.

In the conversation, the officer claimed the authority was “looking for a way out” and that he felt the land had been returned “more or less” to how it was before.

Mark Wyatt told the Oxford Mail he thought the decision to jail the brothers was a “complete travesty of justice”. But a spokesman for the council has said that “justice has been served”.

Owen Morton said: “This recording is two years old and included comments made by a junior officer, recorded without his knowledge.

“The court saw the transcripts of the comments but remained satisfied that no realistic efforts had been made to remove the waste.

“The council’s approach in this case has been approved and vindicated by the appeal verdict.

“There is nothing more to be said on this matter other than justice has been served.”