GETTING hitched took on a new meaning for Ian and Lisa Robinson on their wedding day when they hitched a ride on Santa’s sleigh.

They stepped out of Bicester Methodist Church, Sheep Street, just as the town’s Round Table was towing the sleigh home for the night.

Wedding guests shouted to club members Matt Fincham and Colin Richardson to stop and the couple jumped aboard for a photo to round off their day on December 1.

Mr Robinson, 22, of Buckingham Crescent, and his new wife, formerly Miss Reeves, 20, are both members of the Elim Church.

He said: “It was lovely being able to have our photo taken in the sleigh and made our day even more special.”

They were attended by page boy Charlie Robinson and bridesmaids Amanda Reeves and Charlotte Robinson. The best man was Philip Robinson and the bride was given away by her father Gary Reeves Mr Fincham said: “We were driving past after we had picked up the float from the Edwardian market. The crowd waved us down and said could we have a picture – it was just a perfect moment.”