THE Didcot Thong Rangers have raised more than £500 to help a baby boy who has an undiagnosed debilitating illness.

At 13 months old, Albie Logan’s illness causes him to have seizures every two hours, and he requires 24-hour care.

His mum Claire, 38, from Abingdon receives benefits and help from a number of local charities, but the costs keep piling up.

Yesterday, Didcot’s Thong Rangers ran 12 miles in their eye-catching underwear, through the streets of Oxford, to raise money to help Albie and are still totting up the total.

But when the fundraising group first offered to help, Mrs Logan, pictured above with Albie, could not believe what she was hearing.

She said: “After he had not slept one night, we went for a walk just to get out.”

The Thong Rangers happened to be on one of their fundraising runs in the same park.

“My friend said ‘did you not notice they don’t have any clothes on?’.

“I was so tired I had not even looked up.

“We got talking about Albie, and when they offered to help I said ‘how do you know who is legit? and he said ‘we have got good judge of character’.”

What Albie needs most is a heart rate monitor with an alarm.

Because he has different types of seizure, and sometimes he will appear completely normal from the outside, his mum needs to know which is which.

In the meantime, Mrs Logan is hoping to buy Albie some sensory toys recommended by his therapist.