CHANCELLOR George Osborne’s benefits cap will harm families in Oxfordshire, a claimant has warned.

Angela Turner, 29, of Yarnton, came off most of her benefits after finding a job earlier this year, but still claims child benefit.

She said the system already failed to support the people who really need them, and a cap at such a difficult time would hit families.

She said: “I would never go back on benefits now, because I know they don’t really want to help people at all. When I started working, they stopped all my benefits which meant I didn’t have any money until I got paid.”

Miss Turner was forced to feed a family of seven on £74 per week after her benefits were cut the moment she was employed, instead of when she received her first wages.

She said: “Everything’s going up in price, and they’re not doing anything to help anyone deal with that.”

In the statement, the Chancellor announced benefit increases would be capped at one per cent over the next three years, a far cry from the rate of inflation.

The exception to the cut is the state pension, which is protected by a guarantee that it will rise by at least 2.5 per cent. The Chancellor said he would protect the vulnerable by continuing to increase carer benefits and disability benefits in line with inflation.

Mr Osborne’s announcement fell short of the freeze in benefits which some pressure groups feared, but was still greeted with dismay by some anti-poverty campaigners.