Homes in Witney have been evacuated as Witney prepares for flooding as the River Windrush has burst its banks.

Several residents from Riverside Gardens have gone to Langdale Hall and dozens of residents, who have sandbagged their Bridge Street homes, are waiting for news.

Riverside resident Jenny Marsh, 71, said: "We have been putting more sandbags down and we have been watching the river with trepidation. The river level was on 8 at 8-o’clock this morning. By 11am, it had come up to 9 and is now on 10.

"I am on the ground floor, and of course I am concerned."

Witney Town councillor Alan Beames said: "The water level rose this morning, but since about 12-o'clock I have not seen it rise. But the water is flowing through fast."

The Town Clerk made the Langdale Hall available this morning as a refuge for people to go to if there was a need for them to be moved out. He said several residents of Riverside Gardens had been moved to Langdale Hall.