JUST what could aliens from the planet Zong teach humans about recycling?

The answer lies in a 15-minute film produced by pupils at Kirtlington Primary School.

And on Tuesday the students attended the premiere of their movie, The Cherwell Incident, at Cherwell District Council’s headquarters in Bodicote.

Starring children from Oak Class of 2012, the movie is about two aliens from the planet Zong who try to educate human inhabitants about recycling, but there always lurks the possibility of vapourisation.

Headteacher Fiona Crook, said: “This film has helped to develop the children’s understanding of the importance of recycling – and it was great fun.”

The council’s recycling team and local filmmaker Andy Russell, of Oxford based Different Films, worked closely with the school on the project. They plan to use the film to promote recycling at events and roadshows across the district.

Nigel Morris, the council’s lead member for clean and green, said: “I can only applaud the ingenuity of Kirtlington Primary’s pupils in trying to get across a message which is all too easy to ignore.”

To watch the film, go to cherwell.gov.uk