CONSERVATIVE Anthony Stansfeld has won the election to be the Thames Valley's first Police and Crime Commissioner.

Mr Stansfeld is about to be declared as winning more votes overall than Labour's Tim Starkey once the second preference votes of the other defeated candidates had been counted.

The results are just being announced but the Tory candidate has won 13 out of 16 districts in the counting of second preference votes.

Voting for the position - which will oversee the running of the Thames Valley force - had to go to the second round of counting after Mr Stansfeld could not secure an overall majority based on first preference results.

The election has been run under the two preference system, where voters nominate a first and second choice as Commissioner.

The first preference votes are counted and if no candidate wins an overall majority, the second preference votes are then counted.

Mr Stansfeld had won the majority of districts in the Thames Valley, including five of Oxfordshire's six areas.

Second place was taken by Mr Starkey. Mr Starkey won the Oxford district.

There was a low voter turn-out as forecast. Only 13.3 per cent of people eligible to vote did so across the Thames Valley, while in Oxford that number fell to 10.9 per cent.