AN ADVICE centre which helps thousands of people each year is doubling its size to help accommodate those queueing up for debt advice.

The Independent Advice Centre in Wantage is planning to spend £50,000 on moving into the upper storey of its home and installing a lift for disabled volunteers.

The four paid employees and 90 volunteers offer three services: free advice, a volunteer driving service and a ‘good neighbour’ scheme.

Volunteer transport is provided for people who could not otherwise make the journey to hospital, a dentist, or a loved one.

Ada Stewart, 80, from Grove, has used the service for seven years. She struggles to walk long distances because of back problems.

She said: “It is a great service and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Each week, the same two drivers take Mrs Stewart to the shops and to the Wantage Day Centre, each trip costing £5 for a return – cheaper than the same journey in a taxi.

Last year, the service’s 40 drivers helped around 4,000 people from as far away as Faringdon.