THREE Oxford schoolchildren saw their artwork blown up to huge proportions after winning a history poster competition.

Eight-year-olds Hannah Perry, Laura Wilkinson and Maya Finlayson, of St Ebbe’s School – pictured with competition organiser Emily Sergeant – had their poster History: An Ultimate Mystery photocopied to form a five-foot window display at Blackwell’s bookshop in Broad Street.

One of the judges, Zool Verjee, of Blackwell’s, said: “It won because it was very inventive and colourful and showed lots of imagination and hard work. It showcased lots of different areas of world history, from the Romans and Vikings onwards.”

Second prize went to Grace Dawson, Anna Tuck and Rosie Young, also of St Ebbe’s, while a team from New Marston — Leanne Elias, Katio Pjeci and Abdul Aleem Pathan — were awarded Highly Recommended.

The winners won a gift voucher and books for their schools.

Ms Sargeant said: “The poster competition was the climax of a packed week of history workshops and other events.”