Sean Duffy, 48, of High Street, Sutton Courtenay, admitted theft by finding after taking lead from Midcounties Cooperative in Howard Street, Oxford, on September 28. Fined £116, £15 victims’ surcharge, and £25 costs.

Darren Sanders, 44, of The Hamel, Oxford, admitted shoplifting testosterone boosters worth £34.99 from Holland and Barratt in Golden Cross, Oxford, on August 31. Fined £100 and £15 victims’ surcharge.

Cordelia Williams, 29, of Hamble Road, Didcot, admitted being drunk and disorderly at Didcot Parkway Station on September 28. Given a 12-month conditional discharge and told to pay £85 costs.

Brian O’Doherty, 38, of Mallard Way, Grove, admitted being the occupier of a property in Mallard Way, Grove, on June 23, while the supply or attempted supply of ketamine took place. Also admitted possession of cannabis in Cholsey on June 11. Given a 24-month conditional discharge and told to pay £500 costs.