He’s a national treasure, a first-class crooner who, even in his 77th year, still oozes sex appeal. Now Tom Jones is back on tour, with the nearest show to us being at Gloucester’s Kingsholm Stadium, this Sunday.

With a career that has seen him sell over 100 million records, Sir Tom has won countless accolades including a BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music and a Silver Clef Award for Lifetime Achievement. Knighted in 2006, the global icon has amassed 36 top 40 UK hits over six decades.

“I am really pleased to be playing. I always have a great time performing at summer events in the open air, so I’m looking forward to a fantastic summer’s evening.”

So what can we expect? “If someone hasn’t seen me live before, then they will get more than they ever imagined,” he tells us. This is the same for all live performances – if they’re good – and it’s the reason why people spend their hard-earned money and precious time to go out and experience a live show. They will get to know the performer much better and they’ll be taken to a wonderful place.”

With such a catalogue and recent critically acclaimed albums, how does he keep his set lists interesting for himself, while ensuring the audience goes home happy?

“By mixing it all up and keeping things fresh,” he says. “Actually, most people are delighted by surprises. They feel invigorated when they’ve experienced something unexpected. There are a few things I keep the same as well, simply because they are so good as they are.”

Why does he think his popularity continues to grow? “It’s unavoidable and true that all performers and artists go through ups and downs,” he says. “The only thing you can do is have confidence in yourself and your abilities and hope that the work you do is well received. It’s impossible to predict that moment in time when somebody who sees you will be the person who will offer the next opportunity. And who knows where that opportunity will lead!”

He has played everywhere – from Glastonbury to Vegas. Is there was one show that he'd love to relive?

"You can never relive the past in the same way, so although I appreciate and enjoy the memories, I always look to the future," he says.

And are there any genres that he hasn’t touched which he would like to explore?

"Although I’ve been pretty flexible over the years, of course there are genres that I just wouldn’t touch because it wouldn’t sound genuine coming from me," he says.

"However, there are always elements of things that are worth having a crack at, as you never know if a contribution from me would work as a unique flavour for a producer or artist.

With Tom back with The Voice, was it an easy decision to make when ITV got in touch?

"Once I got the measure of things from the producers, it was an easy decision," he answers.

"I had such a great time with my fellow coaches this year, and the whole ITV production team were excellent to work with.

Does the fact its on ITV rather than the BBC make any difference to how the show is working and the chances open to the acts coming through the series?

"Well, that depends on so many things," he says.

"The fact that ITV is a commercial venture does help the record company integrate into the process, but ultimately there are so many factors at work that contribute to the success of an artist.

Being on The Voice is just one opportunity, and it’s a helluva' test of talent and personality. If the contestant can get through to any point in the show, then take away what they’ve learned, they’ll be better off for it!"

  • Tom Jones plays Kingsholm Stadium on Sunday
  • Tickets (£44 standing, £56 seating) from tickets.gloucesterugby.co.uk
  • There are also hospitality packages available in the South Stand, more information is available from 01452 872289.