Jess Glynne heralds her new album with a brace of shows at venues better known for sport: Henley and Newbury. Tim Hughes finds out more

Jess Glyne is having a busy year. The 27 year-old North Londoner, who seemingly appeared out of nowhere three years ago to storm the charts, is about to drop her new album.

“2017 is an exciting year,” she says. “I am trying not to rush anything though, as I want it all to be perfect.

“The album is still in the process of being made. No idea yet when it will be out, you will have to wait and see.

“Hopefully not too long!”

Jess, who scored number one hits with Clean Bandit’s Rather Be (the fast-selling and most-streamed song of 2014) and Route 94’s My Love, went on to score her own top 10 single with her own debut Right Here and, in 2015, became only the second British female solo artist (Cheryl got their first) to have five number-one singles in the UK (her own tunes Hold My Hand and Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself and her collaboration with Tinie Tempah on Not Letting Go).

The new long player follows break-up themed debut album I Cry When I Laugh – which went straight to the top of the charts upon its release and went double platinum. Similarly great things are expected from the follow-up.

Did she feel any pressure to live up to expectations? “I have approached this record just as I approached the first,” she says. “I think the pressure is just the same. I think if it ever eased off then that would mean I don’t care.”

The album was recorded in Los Angeles. That must have been fun!

“LA was all work no play,” she insists. “I had a lot of fun working with new people and making new music.”

Jess, who was raised in Muswell Hill, the daughter of an estate agent father and A&R woman has always had music in her bones.

Dropping out of auditions for The X Factor when she was 15, she followed up her studies with a stint with a music management company, honed her craft as a singer and took a year-long Access to Music London course, teaming up with songwriter Jin Jin and producer Bless Beats and shortly after getting signed to Black Butter Records and then, in 2013, with Atlantic Records.

So what gave her the bug to pursue a career in the industry? “My parents always introduced me to new music from a young age,” she says. “I was just obsessed with vocals and performing since I can remember.

“I think I always had it in me but it wasn’t till I left school that I realised it could become a reality.”

This summer sees her taking her music on the road with a clutch of outdoor shows, many at sporting venues – with Henley Festival, site of the famous regatta, on July 5 and Party In The Paddock at Newbury Racecourse on July 22.

Last weekend saw her winning over the crowd at Gloucester’s Kingsholme Stadium, home of the city’s rugby club.

Is she a sports fan? “I used to love sports, I was in most of the teams at school and loved athletics. My dad always encouraged that.”

And, suitably enough for Newbury, that includes horses. “I started riding when I was quite young, maybe about seven or eight, with one of my really good friends and I just loved it ever since,” she recalls.

“Horses were always one of my favourite animals.

“And loving horses as much as I do – and the fun I had playing racecourses last year – I couldn’t say no to this show!”

She says she managed to go into the crowds at some events last year to watch the racing. So did she place a cheeky bet and win?

“Yes I did! I sneaked out in into the crowd and put a bet on and came up with a winner, but it wasn’t down to my knowing the form though. Just luck!”

The shows take her away from the big cities and allow her to reach fans who might otherwise not make it to her shows. She says: “It’s always good to see people that I wouldn’t normally reach.”

And did she imagine she’d be playing such prestigious shows?

“I didn’t imagine any of the things that have happened from the first album” she laughs. “It’s so crazy looking back at all the amazing shows I have done over the past three years.

“It’s such an incredible feeling being able to play these renowned venues around the country. It’s something I cherish.

“I’m looking forward to them and if I have time I’ll go for a wander I’m sure. I love a bit of fun.

“My shows are full of energy and I hope they leave everyone with a big smile on their face and an amazing experience.”

So what can the crowds can expect from her show?

“I don’t know myself what they can expect, but I assure no one will be left disappointed and it will be just as exciting as last year’s shows – if not more!

“Every crowd has a different energy but they don’t differ too much. The atmosphere at all my shows is overwhelmingly amazing.

“Our approach is the same for both indoor and outdoor events. The band and I love playing live and the crowds don’t differ too much in size so it’s great

“I love the fact that the songs resonate and touch people, whatever their age or background.”

And will she be bringing her friends and family along to the shows

“Maybe but I doubt it as all the shows are dotted about the country. That’s okay though, because me and the band always have a lot of fun. It will be exciting no matter what.

“You’ll have to come and see!”

Jess Glynne plays: