THE bratmen are coming – in the shape of a pilot and an operations officer from Oxford Airport who have now started selling German Bratwurst sausages in the city.

Pilot Saul Wheeler, 32, and former flying op manager Luke de Marco, 30, inset, went on holiday to Germany and were so impressed by the way it is always possible to buy bratwurst there that they decided to do something similar here.

They invested about £5,000 in special equipment which now enables them to walk the streets of Oxford and cook sausages at the same time – with supplies on hand from their unique Bratmobile tricycle.

One Bratmobile will keep two Brat salesmen supplied at all times.

Mr de Marco said: “We are hoping the business will really take off, selling huge sausages at £3 a time. If it works to our business plan we shall soon start frachising the brand out to other cities.

Mr Wheeler said that a Spot-the-Bratman message will always be available on Twitter and Facebook for anyone who suddenly feels the urge to eat a sausage and wants to find a Bratman in a hurry.