HAS anyone got a solution to parking problems? Residents in Iffley Fields are the latest to become exasperated by the issue.

They have described driving around desperately trying to find somewhere to park and having to trudge home after parking far away if they get back after 6pm.

The controlled parking zone (CPZ) in Magdalen Road North Area is the main cause, they believe.

And herein lies the problem with CPZs.

Yes, those within the zone see a huge reduction in parking problems down their road – although they have to pay £50 a year for the privilege.

And it simply displaces the problem into surrounding areas.

And when they have issues and raise it with the council, the local authority invariably suggests a CPZ, giving those residents a £50 yearly bill while moving the problem on again.

It is a never ending cycle.

Thankfully, the residents of Iffley Fields have already expressed their desire to avoid a CPZ being introduced.

Instead, they want to start discussions with the council about other ways they might be able to tackle the issue.

It is now up to the council to carefully consider their concerns and try to come up with a new solution that alleviates the parking burden without costing residents or simply pushing the problems on.

Many other residential areas next to CPZs will be watching closely to see if such a parking paradise can be created.