COTSWOLD Wildlife Park is celebrating the first giant anteater to be born at the park, but it doesn’t have a name yet.

The first pictures have been released of the pup, which was born on February 16, to first-time parents Zorro and Zeta, who arrived at the park in 2010.

Mark Godwin, section head of large mammals at the Burford park, said: “There’s a bit of debate about whether it’s a boy or a girl.

“Once we know we will either pick a name, or maybe open it up to a competition like we have before.”

Giant anteaters are usually pregnant for around six months, and then carry the baby for the first few months of its life.

Mr Godwin said that Zeta was taking to motherhood well.

He said: “She’s a very laid-back mum. When you go in the youngster is showing more activity than the parents.”

Despite only being eight weeks old, the baby is developing fast.

Mr Godwin said: “It’s already got quite a long nose and tail, so it’s about 45cm long.

“It’s still being carried about by mum, but it is getting braver and looking away from her. It had its first little dig last week. It’s coming on leaps and bounds.”