OXFORD Town Hall hosted a day of events to promote dignity for the elderly – but at least one visitor said more needs to be done to make younger people show respect.

The town hall event on Saturday saw professionals in health and social care talk on the subject of caring for the elderly at home and in hospitals, as part of national Dignity Action Day.

Jo Elkins, 81, of Windrush Court, Witney, used to work with the elderly as a volunteer at Witney Community Hospital, and said she was conscious of the importance of the elderly and their carers being treated with dignity.

She said: “The speakers on the day were wonderful and raised some prudent points about carers.

“A member of my family has mental health problems, so I know that carers are not given enough time, yet they are expected to do such a wonderful job.

“I sincerely hope that I never need to have a carer.”

Mrs Elkins, who spent a career in the hotel trade, said she was disappointed by the lack of young people at the event.

She said treating the elderly with dignity was something that needed to be drilled into people from a young age.

“A lot more needs to be done,” she said.

Care homes across the county run by the Orders of St John Care Trust hosted social events and activities on Saturday.

These were designed to bring the community together and demonstrate that everyone has a role to play in treating those in care, and carers, with dignity.