A student holding an offer from the University of Oxford has been forced to set up an online fundraiser due to the expensive fees.

Jake Dibden from Rochdale received the offer to undertake postgraduate studies at the university having spent three years in the city studying History and Politics at undergraduate level.

Yet the cost of fees for a Master’s of Science in Sociology has proved a significant hurdle leading to the student setting up an internet fundraiser on GoFundMe.

He has raised £4,228 of his £23,710 total so far but has told donors that the money will be given to charity if he doesn’t reach his target by the deadline.

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“I was encouraged heavily to apply for a postgraduate course by a number of my tutors, including my wonderfully supportive thesis supervisor,” said Mr Dibden.

“Unfortunately, there is very little public funding available for those taking the vital academic step between an undergraduate and a doctoral student or lecturer, and I cannot afford to undertake this degree without financial support.

“Any level of support that anyone can offer, from £2.40 to £24,000 will go a long way into furthering this degree, and I will be unendingly appreciative of it.

“In the event that I am unable to take up my offer, any money that is raised here will be donated to the Prince’s Trust.

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Oxford Mail: Jake has been at the University of Oxford for three years.Jake has been at the University of Oxford for three years. (Image: Newsquest)

“So, no matter what, you will be helping a young person continue to take advantage of their opportunities in life.”

The Prince's Trust helps people aged 11 to 30 to get a job, launch a business or build confidence. 

Chloe Pomfret co-chairs Class Act Oxford which is a campaign for working-class, low-income, first-gen, state-comp educated students, care leavers and estranged students at the university.

The Human Sciences undergraduate student took to social media show her support for Jake’s campaign on social media.

“Unfortunately, for most working class students, funding a Master’s is impossible without financial support,” she said on X.

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Oxford Mail: Chloe Pomfret has backed Jake's fundraiser.Chloe Pomfret has backed Jake's fundraiser. (Image: Chloe Pomfret)

“Anything you can spare to donate, or share the word, would make the world of difference in helping Jake take up his offer.”

Mr Dibden, who first came to Oxford from a state sixth form in Lancashire, believes the postgraduate course will make all the difference to his career after Oxford.

“I am a first-generation university student, and on the other side, I am a second-generation university student,” he added.

“Getting into Oxford in the first instance was one of my greatest achievements in life.

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Oxford Mail: The University of Oxford.The University of Oxford.

“This new course requires me to take several mathematical/statistical and research papers and will allow me to continue to develop my skills as an academic and researcher.

“This will open a number of doors for me in both the private sector and public research.

"Indeed, I hope to go into public research and teaching at the end of the degree.”

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