Bleary-eyed Oxford householders were kept up into the early hours of Wednesday as a police helicopter circled above their quiet residential street past midnight leading to two arrests.

A police helicopter, POL381, could be heard and seen repeatedly circling above Cowley.

Thames Valley Police confirmed this was due to a car chase that started in Grenoble Road when the suspects allegedly failed to stop for officers.

A 44-year-old man from Oxford was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop when directed by a police officer and while a 33-year-old woman was arrested for the same reason.

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Oxford Mail: The helicopter circled Cowley on Wednesday morning (file photo).The helicopter circled Cowley on Wednesday morning (file photo). (Image: Newsquest)

She was also arrested on suspicion of the possession of a knife in a public place.

A Cowley resident who wished to remain anonymous told the Oxford Mail there was a significant police presence on Clive Road in Cowley.

"I was woken just after midnight to the sound of a helicopter overhead,” the homeowner said.

"This does happen quite often in the Cowley area but not normally this late at night.

"Soon after I heard voices from the street and blue lights through the window.

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"Sometimes we get ambulances pulling up so I was concerned it might be a neighbour who was unwell so I looked out of the window.

"Instead it was a police car with police officers, raised voices and clearly something was underway.

"Not long after, more police cars pulled up including an unmarked silver four-wheel drive.

"In total, I'd say there were four or five vehicles and maybe a dozen police officers.”

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Oxford Mail: Police cars and officers were seen on Clive Road by residents.Police cars and officers were seen on Clive Road by residents. (Image: Newsquest)

The homeowner was kept awake for a while as the helicopter continued circling.

"I heard dogs further down the road so thought they may be searching for someone,” the eyewitness added.

"This would explain the helicopter overhead which seemed to be focused on our street."

"This went on for over an hour and I was worried children might be awake and would be tired for school the next day.

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Oxford Mail: Thames Valley Police confirmed that the helicopter had been deployed.Thames Valley Police confirmed that the helicopter had been deployed. (Image: Newsquest)

"The helicopter overhead is really loud particularly when you have bedroom windows open in the summer and the police weren't making any effort to keep their voices low.

"When I looked out the window again I saw that they'd put someone in the back of one of the police cars.

"It was after 1am when the police finally moved on and the vehicles left.

"We didn't hear the helicopter again.

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Oxford Mail: Clive Road on Wednesday morning after police had departed the scene.Clive Road on Wednesday morning after police had departed the scene. (Image: Newsquest)

"This sort of thing happens every now and again when you live in Cowley.

"It's part of living in an urban area and, in a way, it's reassuring to know there is a large police presence when needed."

Both suspects remain in police custody at the time of writing.

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