An Oxfordshire luxury hotel was found to be risking cross-contamination and storing food on the floor.

Its director has spoken out after the spot was given a terrible food hygiene rating.

The Chesterton Hotel located just outside Bicester is an upmarket venue which is also a favoured spot for weddings.

It has proved popular on Tripadvisor but the hotel was hit with a terrible food hygiene rating earlier this year.

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Oxford Mail: The Chesterton Hotel was given a one-out-of-five rating for food hygiene.The Chesterton Hotel was given a one-out-of-five rating for food hygiene. (Image: The Chesterton Hotel)

Cherwell District Council’s Environmental Health team were unimpressed during their visit on Monday, March 25, handing a lowly one-out-of-five hygiene rating.

The Oxford Mail has now obtained a copy of the full report from that inspection following a freedom of information request.

One alarming discovery made by the inspector on the day was that food was being stored on the floor risking contamination.

“Ensure all food is stored off from the floor to prevent contamination. Legal immediately,” read the report.

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The contamination risk also concerned the dating and labelling of produce which was not in accordance with the correct procedures.

“Fresh food with use by date, which is frozen, must be applied with date of freezing, defrosting and use by date not extending original use by date provided by manufacturer,” continued the report.

“Ensure that food in vac [packing] in the fridge is stored in areas labelled for specific food to prevent contamination. Legal immediately.

“You must provide training to all your staff with food preparation on how to use your FSMS and ensure all relevant checks are completed.

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Oxford Mail: Director Kaven Gill said the issues purely concerned the paperwork.Director Kaven Gill said the issues purely concerned the paperwork.

“Make sure the food handlers are aware of using sous vide and vac packing equipment.”

Cleaning was also a major problem on the day with the floor being earmarked as a particular cause of concern given the amassed water under the fridges.

The report added: “Pay more attention to cleaning in low levels and flooring, inside fridges. Legal immediately.

“Underneath fridges has accumulated water. Investigate and repair identified faults. Legal ongoing.

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Oxford Mail: Inside The Chesterton Hotel.Inside The Chesterton Hotel. (Image: The Chesterton Hotel)

“Flooring in the main kitchen is damaged in some areas. Repair damaged areas. Legal six months.”

Responding to the report, hotel director Kaven Gill said: “It was a paperwork issue but some training and recording of temperatures was the issue.

“We have since fixed the problem, and it’s a short-term issue but we are completely confident that moving forward it will be fine.

“It is all about paperwork and nothing to do with the actual hygiene.

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Oxford Mail: The hotel can be found close to Bicester in Oxfordshire.The hotel can be found close to Bicester in Oxfordshire.

“I invite anyone to come in and have a look at the kitchen but we acknowledge that the paperwork is important and we hold our hands up as it's something to rectify.”

The Chesterton Hotel has recently been inspected again by the council officers and has been given the improved rating of four-out-of-five.

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