A BRAND new clothing shop has opened inside Oxford’s Covered Market.

Goodies is an independent menswear and lifestyle store that 'showcases brands of quality and provenance'.

The shop is run by Matt and Rachael Evans, a couple from the West Midlands who made Oxford their home almost five years ago.

Opening its doors on Saturday (May 4), next to Hamblin, the brand aims to provide a unique experience to customers by stocking specific clothing brands.

Oxford Mail: Couple Matt and Rachael run Goodies.Couple Matt and Rachael run Goodies. (Image: Goodies)

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“Goodies offers a curated selection of soft tailoring, wardrobe essentials, quality denim and general ‘good stuff’, all with an unrivalled in-store experience,” Matt said.

“Every brand we stock at Goodies, has some personal connection whether it be a leather maker from the Midlands or Cornish socks we discovered on our honeymoon.

“We know and trust each and every brand and have fostered strong relationships.

“We take pride in the fact that it’s a really exclusive list of brands, that have all put their trust in us. They believe in the vision we are showcasing in store.”

Oxford Mail: The Covered Market in Oxford city centre.The Covered Market in Oxford city centre. (Image: Photo: Verity Hoper)

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Brands in stock include local outfit Youngmans as well as Japanese favourites Allevol and Tabio meaning Goodies is a fresh addition to the city.

“The store is an opportunity to provide something different for Oxford,” he said.

“We strive for transparency in manufacture, quality products long-lasting, sustainable and ethical, locally made where possible, artisanal and when lovingly worn, repairable.

“Many of the brands we stock offer a lifetime repair service.”

Oxford Mail: Some local brands are stocked at Goodies.Some local brands are stocked at Goodies. (Image: Goodies)

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Matt has worked in retail for over a decade, specialising in denim as well as soft tailoring and the shop has already gone down well with the public.

“Since opening at the weekend, people have been delighted to see a new and exciting high-quality offering,” he added.

“They have been impressed with the exclusivity we’ve been able to achieve as nearly every brand is new to the city.

“We really strive for the best products with the best in-store experience.”

Oxford Mail: Goodies is a new addition to Oxford.Goodies is a new addition to Oxford. (Image: Goodies)

The store has been described as a cross between a Wes Anderson set and the couple’s very own living room.

“We met at art school, so we’ve always had a clear vision as to how the store would look,” said Rachel.

“Primary colours, bespoke birch furniture, custom velvet banner and lots of cool art on the walls.

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“There’s something interesting wherever you look in the shop.”

Goodies will also be online so that customers can get the best selection of menswear wherever they are in the country.

The shop is also online and the couple are set to have a launch party on Friday, June 7 with food and drink served from nearby businesses Hamblin and Pet Gat amongst others.