An Oxfordshire shop owner was stunned to find what he believes is a Banksy artwork materialise on his business overnight.

Martin Ponting runs The Vintage Room in Kidlington and had been away for the bank holiday weekend.

After returning on Monday night, he awoke to find some unique graffiti sprayed onto the alleyway of his shop.

The picture shows Star Wars’ C3PO scolding a Dalek from Doctor Who for attempting to fit through a window.

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Oxford Mail: The artwork appeared over the bank holiday weekend.The artwork appeared over the bank holiday weekend. (Image: Martin Ponting)

“I told you you wouldn’t fit! Now there are people looking,” says C3PO in the piece.

Perplexed by the new artwork, he raced back inside the Oxfordshire antiques store and called his friends.

“I went away for the weekend and I came back on Monday night but I didn’t see it as it was dark,” said Martin.

“I didn’t even think to look down the b****y alleyway.

“I spotted it on Tuesday morning and I initially thought what the hell has happened here.”

Oxford Mail: Banksy's true identity remains a mystery to the public.Banksy's true identity remains a mystery to the public. (Image: Pexels)

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Martin believes that the work has been done by the mysterious street artist Banksy.

“I have covered it up for now with some boards and tables,” he said.

“I think it could be a Banksy, I would say it has all the hallmarks of being a piece of his work.

“I am elated about it because I think it could be a Banksy.”

Banksy’s most recent confirmed work was a mural in Finsbury Park, London which showed green paint sprayed behind a cut-back tree to imitate foliage.