Oxford is set to experience a rise in temperatures over the coming days ahead of the hottest day of the year.

The Met Office has revealed that the coming days in the city will be very warm while the Saturday is expected to be 2024’s warmest day yet.

Prior to this weekend, the highest temperature experienced this year was 23° but this is set to rise to 26° in some areas of the UK.

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Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all see an increase in heat while there will be some showers on Friday and Sunday.

Starting on Thursday, warmer temperatures will hit the city with a high of 21° on the day while light winds will persist throughout.

Friday will see the same high for heat but will also see precipitation highs of 14 per cent as the chances of rain rise despite the warmth.

Light winds will also feature throughout Friday ensuring a cooling feeling to combat the rising temperatures in Oxford.

Moving onto the weekend and Saturday is set to be the hottest day of the year with highs of 23° and sunny intervals.

Once again light winds will blow across the day and there will also be a chance of rain with precipitation highs of eight per cent.

Sunday remains hot with highs of 22° and a gentle breeze featuring throughout the end of the weekend.

The possibility of rain returns too with precipitation highs of 11 per cent.