Households have been warned to monitor their showers to help them avoid a 'painful' incident.

Brits are being urged to be vigilant of their glass shower screens since they could shatter unexpectedly.

Shock temperature changes, abrasive cleaning and poor installation can cause glass shower screens to explode, according to a team of glass experts.

The specialists at have reminded households to monitor the condition of their shower screens and have shared some top causes of glass screen explosions. 

We should be checking our shower screen every month as well as changing our shower habits to prevent it from breaking.

How does a shower screen break?

The specialists have outlined the main causes for how and why a shower screen could break or explode. 

The causes include everything from being poorly installed to unresolved cracks in the screen.

Poor installation

A shower screen needs to be measured and fitted by professionals familiar with the fragile material.

While fitting it yourself may be cheaper, the consequences of an explosion are too severe to compare.

Shock temperature changes

Temperature changes in the bathroom and shower alone are not enough to shatter the glass.

However, thermal pressure can make the glass more susceptible to breaking if there is an existing crack in the screen.

Tough abrasive cleaning

Shower screens should be cleaned delicately and in circular motions.

Scrubbing too hard with tough abrasive materials can cause the screen to crack and break if you continuously apply extra pressure.

Unresolved cracks

Cracks in the screen can make the glass much more weak and fragile, increasing the likelihood of it shattering.

Make sure to get the screen repaired before the problem evolves.

Ageing issues

Shower screens can last a long time if they’re cared for properly but if you’ve had the same one for over 20 years it’s likely the material is more fragile and accident prone.

Recommended reading

John Cutts, founder of said: “Walking into the bathroom to find the shower screen shattered is every homeowner's nightmare.

“One of the main causes for this is improper installation which is why it’s important to get a reputable professional in for the job.

“However, poor installation isn’t the only cause of a breakage. Glass is a delicate material which is why being too tough with the cleaning can also cause it to weaken and crack.

“Small cracks can worsen overtime and make the shower screen much more fragile.

"It’s vitally important for everyone to regularly monitor the condition of the shower screen to prevent a painful incident from happening.”