Look around your bathroom - how often should you replace your toothbrush? What about your razor, your loofah? Let us answer those very questions. 

We all know that we're supposed to replace these common bathroom items more regularly than we probably do.

However, many of us might not actually know how often experts recommend changing them in order to prevent the build-up of bacteria and germs. 

To help us out, the bathroom experts at Poshh.co.uk have created a full guide of popular bathroom products alongside how frequently they need to be replaced.

The list includes everything from razor blades and loofahs to toothbrushes and shower curtains.

The guidance comes amid a warning to Brits that they should be replacing their loofah as frequently as every three weeks.

Andy Ellis, bathroom expert at Poshh.co.uk said: “The loofah is something that never really fully dries unless you're taking good care of it.

“Most of us use it wet and then leave it to dry hanging up in a wet bathroom which can create a build-up of bacteria and potentially even mould.

“If you have a plastic loofah you can probably get away with replacing it after a month or two. Natural ones should be replaced much more frequently.”

How often should you change razor blades?

Every 5 to 7 shaves

Although it depends on the thickness of your hair, generally speaking, it’s advised to change razor blades after every five to seven shaves.

Any longer could lead to a build-up of bacteria and eventually blunt blades which are more prone to giving cuts and razor bumps.

When should you throw away loofahs?

Between 3 weeks and 2 months

Loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria as they very rarely completely dry out.

If you have a plastic loofah you may be able to get away with leaving it for a couple of months.

If you have a natural one you’ll need to replace this every few weeks. 

Is it really necessary to change your toothbrush every three months?

Every 3 to 4 months

Once the bristles on your toothbrush begin to look frayed it’s time to replace it.

Frayed bristles won’t be as effective in cleaning your teeth and during this time there will have been an accumulation of bacteria on the toothbrush.

How long does a showerhead last?

Every 8 months to a year

Shower heads can experience a build-up of bacteria as well as calcium and lime deposits which can affect how it performs.

Shower heads should be cleaned once a week and any visible changes in water pressure are a good indication it will need replacing.

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When should I replace my shower curtain? 

Every 6 months to a year

Shower curtains can be washed but general wear and tear means they may need to be replaced every six months to a year.

Shower curtains are also susceptible to mildew and potential mould growth as they remain in a wet and humid environment.