Mould in your bathroom is not only unsightly but it could be bad for your health too. Here's how you can get rid of it.

Your bathroom can be a bit of a mould hotspot if there’s a lack of ventilation in the room and high humidity levels.

Unfortunately, there's not a one-stop solution for getting rid of mould in your loo since each area of your bathroom needs to be handled differently so that you don't damage any items or ruin any paintwork.

The bathroom experts at have urged Brits to make sure their bathroom has good ventilation and if mould does start to appear, tackle it immediately before the issue escalates.

Andy Ellis, from, said: “A small amount of mould around the shower can easily spread if nothing is done to clean it.

“Soon your walls, shower drain and even your window ledge may start to harbour the stubborn black fungus.

“It’s important to be mindful about which products are going where to avoid damaging paintwork and tiles. 

“We’ve put together a guide on how to clean different items around the bathroom with staple household items to eliminate the problem.”

What kills mould in your bathroom?

Shower screen - Lemons

Many household cleaning products can ruin the shower screen but using a 30p lemon can help scrub mould off without damaging the surface, according to the team at

The experts recommend dousing a sponge with the lemon and scrubbing the screen in a circular motion.

Ceiling and walls - White vinegar

The team acknowledged that although bleach is often loved by many, it doesn't recommend using it on walls as it can damage the paintwork.

The bathroom experts instead advise using a solvent of white vinegar and distilled water which will help to eliminate its presence.

Drains - Washing up liquid

Put a tablespoon of washing-up liquid onto an abrasive sponge and scrub the mould off the drains, the pros suggested.

The team added: "Rinse off with hot water afterwards to remove any residue".

Toilet - Baking soda

You should try sprinkling baking soda on a toilet brush and giving it a hard scrub to get rid of toilet mould, according to the bathroom experts.

They continued: "Make sure to check all around the toilet bowl to remove all signs of mould and prevent a spread from happening".

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Shower rim - Bleach

"The constant flow of water hitting around the edges will contribute to mould forming around the shower rim especially if the humidity levels are high," the experts explained.

To combat the problem, you should soak some cotton pads in bleach and place them around the shower rim overnight.

They advised: "It’s also worth using white vinegar as an extra solvent if needed".

Windows - Tea tree oil

The experts also recommend pouring tea tree oil onto a cotton pad and dabbing it around the window ledge and on the glass itself.

You should leave it to rest overnight and wipe it down afterwards with a microfibre cloth.