A former prime minister has described the introduction of low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) as an "inconvenience" to people. 

Amid low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) dividing opinion in Oxford, Conservative Liz Truss has made her feelings known about the measures.

LTN bollards are in place in East Oxford and Cowley, and these only allow pedestrians and bikers to pass.

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Oxford Mail: Liz Truss has said LTNs cause a huge inconvenience to many people Liz Truss has said LTNs cause a huge inconvenience to many people (Image: Denise Bradley)

The introduction of the measures in Oxford has provoked criticism from Cowley Road traders, who have said their concerns about the impact of the traffic measures on their businesses were “ignored”.

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Oxfordshire County Council has highlighted it continues to “receive a breadth of feedback including concerns and recommendations in relation to the LTNs including from residents, business owners and visitors to the city”.

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Ms Truss has spoken out about her criticisms of the LTN measures as Norfolk County Council has revealed it is exploring the possibility of the scheme last week.

The former prime minister is the MP for South West Norfolk. 

She has made her thoughts clear to County Hall leaders in Norfolk that she would not be in favour of replicating the traffic measures from Oxford and would try to block any proposals in her constituency.

Oxford Mail: LTNs in Oxford LTNs in Oxford

She said: "I would be completely opposed to the imposition of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on South West Norfolk.

"There is no evidence to suggest there is public support for such a move.

"And these LTNs cause huge inconvenience to many people.

"In particular they can make it more difficult for the emergency services to operate."

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Campaigners in favour of LTNs have argued they are good for the environment and encourage a shift away from car ownership to active travel.

At a recent council meeting, County Hall’s cabinet member for highways Graham Plant confirmed the authority was investigating the option.

He also promised to work with local communities to reduce the impact of unnecessary traffic in neighbourhoods and support active travel.

It comes as Thames Valley Police has confirmed this week that a man has been fined for damaging a bollard in Oxford.

The man, who lives in the city and whose age has not been revealed, has been issued a conditional caution for criminal damage to the LTN on Howard Street on Monday, March 13.

A BBC Panorama documentary exploring LTNs which was aired earlier this year described a bollard on Howard Street as "probably the most abused bollard in the UK".