A group of Oxford residents is calling on the council to ‘upgrade’ LTN barriers to let local people and businesses through.

LTNs refer to the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme that was introduced last year by Oxfordshire County Council to prevent motor vehicles from taking shortcuts through residential streets.

Bollards are currently in place in East Oxford and Cowley that allow only pedestrians and bikes to pass.

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The scheme has proven controversial with the bollards being repeatedly vandalised since their installation.

The most recent proposal calls for the LTN bollards in Temple Cowley to be replaced with ANPR cameras that would allow residents and businesses vehicle access via Temple Road, Crescent Road or Junction Road.

The post on the community platform NextDoor states that this will keep the streets quiet for Temple Cowley residents and others who walk and cycle through the neighbourhood.

Residents have been encouraged to contact their local MP Anneliese Dodds if they support the proposals.

Ms Dodds recently came under fire for supposedly not supporting her constituents’ concerns about LTNs.

When approached for comment she said: “I’m always grateful to constituents for contacting me with their concerns.

“I will raise these suggestions with the County Council, as I have done consistently when residents have made suggestions about changes and improvements to transport schemes”

The council has already proposed to replace bollards with ANPR cameras on Littlemore Road in Church Cowley, Littlehay Road in Florence Park and Crescent Road in Temple Cowley.

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But these cameras would only let emergency vehicles and other key traffic through, not residents. 

When asked about these plans, Oxfordshire County Council failed to address the idea of letting residents pass.

A county council spokesperson said: “We are currently consulting on proposals to install ANPR cameras in place of bollards at certain Cowley sites, as part of the ongoing review of the low traffic neighbourhood (LTN).

“This consultation is open until 5pm on 17 April 2023 and we welcome feedback with any recommendations and concerns.

“LTNs aim to reduce through traffic and make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The sites were chosen for consultation following stakeholder engagement including liaison with emergency services, data reviews and site visits.

"The use of ANPR at certain locations will allow flexibility for changes to bus services, and allow some traffic in emergency situations.”

Cabinet member for highways, Andrew Gant failed to respond.

Oxford Mail: LTNs are installed last yearLTNs are installed last year (Image: NQ staff)

But Temple Cowley GP Rita Atirbac supports the proposals to let residents pass. 

She said: “I agree.

“I run a GP practice which means I have to be on the ground all the time and I never work remotely.

“I feel with these measures there is no thought given to the key workers and those who cannot use public transport.

“I think all the measures imply that there is some flexibility.

“It feels as if we are swimming against the current.”

Others however believe the proposal to let residents and businesses through does not go far enough.

Builder, Keith Bruce says the LTN restrictions mean he has to drive an extra 900 miles a year to reach his clients for work.

He said: “I live one side of an LTN and now have to go a long way just to go a few yards up the road.

“What’s more the traffic on my road has not changed.”