FROM dark eyebrow cream to semi-permanent tattoos, I have tried everything to make my sparse brows look fuller.  

I had never heard of brow lamination until it became one of the most sought-after beauty trends earlier this year.

The process is similar to a hair perm and involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution. It was designed to create the illusion of fuller and more defined brows.

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Oxford Mail: My eyebrows beforeMy eyebrows before

Lamination lasts for about six to eight weeks and it is advised to treat the brows with castor oil every night.

Despite being sceptical about the beauty treatment, I booked an appointment and now I am obsessed.

My natural eyebrows are light blond, very sparse and have next to no hairs in the tail. I started filling them in and creating very dodgy shapes at the age of 16.

Fed-up of the effort I then got them microbladed, a semi-permanent make-up tattoo, which was great at first but the shape ended up being too curved and the treatment was ridiculously expensive at about £300. 

After scrolling through social media, I eventually found Brows By Morgan, a beauty therapist in Didcot, who seemed to have magically produced brows on people with none.

Not really believing it would work and one patch test later…the beauty therapist had started brushing out my brows and applying tint.

Oxford Mail: My brows afterMy brows after

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A perming cream was applied and my brows were brushed upwards to help pull them in a uniform vertical direction.

My brows were then waxed and threaded which was painless and only took a couple of minutes as there is not much hair to remove.

A nourishing oil was applied before letting me see the final product. My first thought was, ‘I have eyebrows!’

The usual light blonde colour is now a dark brunette and the freshly permed hairs brushed upwards work great for covering sparser areas.

My left brow had more hairs in the tail so covered my dodgy microblade tattoo but my right eyebrow has less so the semi-permanent tattoo is still visible.

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Oxford Mail: (Brows by Morgan)(Brows by Morgan)

I was still so pleased with the final product and the 30 minute process has now made my 20-minute eyebrow routine take less than 60 seconds as I just brush the hairs into place.

The treatment, which was on a special deal, cost me £20 including a nourishing oil. Without the deal the process would usually cost about £45. 

Not to be dramatic but brow lamination has changed my life and I will definitely be going back in eight weeks for a redo.

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