A NIGHTCLUB barman told jurors he did not rape a customer after giving her free drinks and that the sex had been consensual.

From the witness box Bajram Bershini said: "I would not do such a thing, I am not an evil guy."

Prosecutors claim that the then-Atik employee ripped the woman's clothing during the early hours attack at his home in Oxford.

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The 22-year-old of Brearley Street, Birmingham, denies one count of rape.

His trial at Oxford Crown Court got under way earlier this week.

As the case continued today Bershini went to the witness box to deny all wrong-doing.

He told jurors he had been working behind the bar at the Park End Street, Oxford, club on the night of the alleged rape in February 2018.

Bershini said he gave the alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - free drinks during the night.

Asked why he did so he said: "Because I liked her and I tried to get her attention so she could get to know me."

He said he was 'chatting her up' and that 'we both fancied each other' and detailed a moment where the two of them 'hugged' and enjoyed an 'appreciation kiss.'

Later, he said they left the club and he proposed going back to his home in Oxford 'to chill for a bit.'

Bershini told jurors that inside a taxi on the way to his address they were 'kissing, cuddling, touching' and asked if she seemed 'unhappy with that' he replied that 'she never did.'

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Earlier in the case prosecutors claimed that shortly afterwards the alleged victim was raped in Bershini's bedroom.

From the witness box he said the sex was consensual.

He told jurors: "We started kissing, cuddling, we laid down and she just let herself go very flexible, started kissing everything.

"I said 'are you sure you want to do this', she said 'yes, yes,' gave a confirmation with her head, 'yes, yes.'"

He described 'four to five minutes' of sexual intercourse.

Asked how the woman seemed he said: "She was absolutely happy, she was smiling, kissing again, talking."

Bershini said that shortly after she said she wanted to leave and go home and a taxi was ordered.

He claimed that the pair kissed again before going down to catch the taxi and while there and the vehicle was pulling up he hugged her and kissed her.

Asked if he had raped the woman or tore her tights during the incident he denied the allegations.

He said: "I would never do that to a girl. I would never do it.

"I would never do such a thing, I am not an evil guy, I am a family guy."

Earlier the alleged victim said that Bershini 'pushed' her down to the bed and she described being 'terrified' at what was happening.

He denies the charge and the trial continues.