A BARMAN at a city nightclub plied a student with free drinks before raping her at his home, a court heard.

Prosecutors allege that Bajram Bershini ripped his victim's clothes in the attack.

In an interview with police the woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - claimed she was 'terrified' during her ordeal.

The 22-year-old of Brearley Street, Birmingham, denies one count of rape.

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His trial at Oxford Crown Court got under way today.

Outlining the case prosecutor Laura Blackband said Bershini was working as a barman at the Atik nightclub in Oxford on the night of the attack in February 2018.

She told jurors that the alleged victim, a student, was out that night with friends, first at The Alchemist before moving on to the club on Park End Street.

It was there, she said, that the woman met Bershini who was serving drinks behind the bar.

The jury was told that he 'fancied her' and 'found her attractive' and went on to give her several free drinks during the night.

On leaving the club, the court heard, the woman would have booked a taxi home but the battery on her mobile phone was depleted.

While outside she again saw Bershini where it was alleged he 'lied' to the woman and claimed he lived in the same area as her when in fact he lived elsewhere in the city at the time.

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Ms Blackband told jurors: "This is a young man who has taken a shine to this young lady, given her free drinks.

"He has then told a lie so he can get her into a taxi."

Jurors were told that they then travelled to an address in Oxford where Bershini lived and she went inside the house in order to charge her phone to call a taxi.

It was there, prosecutors allege, that Bershini raped her.

The jury went on to watch a recorded police interview the alleged victim gave following the incident.

In that interview she said that Bershini 'pushed' her down to the bed and she described being 'terrified' at what was happening.

She said: "I started to say 'no, no' and I am repeating 'no' [and] 'get off me.'"

The woman said he pulled at her clothing and that at the time she was on her period and using a tampon which prosecutors said was later found to have Bershini's semen on it.

She said she was in a 'blind panic' before leaving and taking a taxi to her home.

She said that she went on to rip off all of her clothing at home, before the incident was reported to the police soon after.

The jury was also told that when questioned about the alleged rape Bershini claimed that the sex had been consensual.

Prosecutors said that he claimed they had been 'kissing and cuddling' afterwards and had made plans to go for a drink.

Bershini denies the single count of rape and the trial continues.