AS the dust settles on an extraordinary election last week, we take a look at the region's new representatives.

Ten Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been elected in the South East (they all represent the whole region) but will be out of a job when – or perhaps if – Brexit occurs.

Coming in the wake of prime minister Theresa May's resignation, both the governing Conservative Party and opposition Labour fared badly at the polls, with parties who provided more clarity over the EU faring better.

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Mirroring results nationwide, The Brexit Party received the most votes in the region (36.1 per cent) - and therefore four MEPs, followed by the Liberal Democrats (25.8 per cent), with three, and the Greens (13.5 per cent), Conservatives (10.3 per cent) and Labour (7.3 per cent), each on one.

Change UK (4.2 per cent) and UKIP (2.2 per cent) did not win enough votes to take any seats under the D'Hondt system.

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The region's representatives include two members with identical names but wildly different politics, the newly elected (and Oxford-based) leader of Lib Dem MEPs and, of course, Nigel Farage.

They are listed below by party and the order they appeared on those parties' lists.


- Nigel Farage

Oxford Mail:

The former UKIP leader and long-standing South East MEP needs little introduction. Perhaps the most influential politician of his generation, party leader Mr Farage, 55, is a regular on our televisions and airwaves despite never being elected to Parliament (he has tried seven times).

A divisive figure in the country, the privately educated former investment banker is loved by some for his no-nonsense ale swilling approach and derided by others for politically inflammatory rhetoric.

- Alexandra Phillips

Oxford Mail:

A trained journalist, the first of the region's Alexandra Phillips' has been part of various parties of the British right, previously working as head of media for UKIP before leaving at around the same time as Mr Farage – who she is believed to be close to – for a brief stint with the Conservatives.

The 35-year-old was reportedly involved with Cambridge Analytica, the controversial political consulting firm caught up in a data scandal around the leave campaign during the referendum.

She says she has lived and worked in China, India and Africa and that her passions include Formula One, cookery and Eastern Philosophy.

- Robert Rowland

Oxford Mail:

Businessman Mr Rowland has had a 30-year career in London and New York and launched a fund at Lazard which grew to $1bn.

He currently runs his own company, owns a family retail business and is a director of Tickets for Troops, a charity which donates tickets for events to serving members of the Armed Forces.

Mr Rowland has rounded on Britain’s 'duplicitous professional political class' for doing their 'utmost to delay, defuse and dilute Brexit' - calling it a 'coup against democracy'.

- Belinda De Camborne Lucy

Oxford Mail:

Currently completing a Masters in European Union Law – on the advice of her party leader – Mrs de Lucy took part in this year's ‘March to Leave’ walk, from Sunderland to London.

The mum-of-four is reportedly married to a wealthy private equity specialist, friends with Princess Diana's niece and a polo enthusiast.

For the past six years the 42-year-old has worked for a military charity that organises respite breaks for military families in need.


- Catherine Bearder

Oxford Mail:

The Oxford-based MEP will be returning to the European Parliament with a spring in her step, after excellent results for her party and herself.

The former Oxfordshire County Councillor, 70, was named Lib Dem MEPs' leader on Wednesday. She campaigns against human trafficking and is married to an Oxford Brookes professor. They have three children, one of whom – Tim – was recently criticised for holding elected council positions in both Oxfordshire and Hampshire.

A parliamentary candidate for Banbury (1997) and Henley (2001), Mrs Bearder has worked in the antiques trade and as a zoological research assistant in Africa.

- Antony Hook

Oxford Mail:

The Kent councillor says his interests include local health services, roads safety and economic growth.

A former lawyer, the 39-year-old husband and dad says he will 'promote values of freedom, justice and understanding' during his time in the role.

He has been involved with a local scout group and chaired the Lib Dem campaign in the South East in the 2014 European Elections.

- Judith Bunting

Oxford Mail:

Chosen as one of the '175 faces of chemistry', the Cambridge educated scientist worked on a number of educational television shows including Horizon.

Ms Bunting stood as the Lib Dem candidate in Newbury in 2015 and 2017, losing on both occasions, before stepping down from the role to focus on her career in television.

A mum-of-two, she has promised to fight to strengthen workers' rights, work with regional businesses to navigate confusion around Brexit and continue campaigning on climate change.


- Alexandra Phillips

Oxford Mail:

Our second Alexandra (Alex) Phillips is the mayor of Brighton and Hove. She has said it is 'the honour of her life' to be elected to the European Parliament and claims to 'stand with' those living in Britain who were not born in this country, backing an 'open society' that makes all people feel at home.

Previously involved in a mental health charity, the former languages teacher is married to another Brighton councillor and they have a young son.

The Liverpool-born 33-year-old is the daughter of a former BBC radio presenter and has labelled Brexit a 'wrecking ball'.


- Daniel Hannan

Oxford Mail:

A long-time eurosceptic and darling of anti-EU Tories, Mr Hannan, 47, was educated at Oxford University and has been a Conservative MEP in the region since 1999.

Also a writer and journalist, he has written numerous books – nearly all of them anti-EU texts – and, having been born in Peru, speaks Spanish and also French.

Last year he ranked 738th out of 751 MEP for participation in European Parliament votes.


- John Howarth

Oxford Mail:

Oxford East MP Anneliese Dodds' replacement in the South East supports a second referendum and 'scrapping' Brexit. Having lost in various European Parliament elections previously, he now sits on the Budget Committee and is part of an all-party group for Small Medium Enterprises and the Creative Industries.

The 60-year-old spent nearly 30 years in senior business management and worked in the technology sector.

Newcastle-born Mr Howarth says he enjoys cooking, digital art, swimming and golf.

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Each of the ten members will serve in the parliament until Brexit occurs, with the latest deadline set for October 31 this year, when Britain is due to leave with or without a deal.

It remains unclear how - or if - Brexit will take place, with much depending on the Conservative leadership campaign to elect a new prime minister, which will officially begin in a fortnight.

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Ex Henley MP and Brexiter Boris Johnson is currently the favourite, but it is unclear what sort of deal (or no deal) any candidate could push through this parliament, leading to talk of a second referendum or another general election.

Until then, our new MEPs will continue to represent the South East.

They formally take up their positions on July 2.