TWO Oxford neighbours from across the Brexit divide have paid tribute to each other ahead of today's European elections.

The sign-wielding activists on Botley Road have reignited light-hearted rivalries first kindled in the build up to the 2016 EU referendum.

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Brexit supporting Dave Shorter has proudly displayed his pro-leave posters in full view for some time, but neighbours Adrian and Heather Rosser have only recently resurrected their display, a few doors down, in time for the European parliament vote.

Three years ago, with Britain set to vote in the EU referendum, Mr Rosser said he was spurred on by his street mate's anti-EU posturing.

Oxford Mail:

Now the retired teacher is backing the Liberal Democrats with a massive 'Stop Brexit' sign in the couple's hedge.

He explained: "The guy down the road - I think it is brilliant that someone is willing stand up and put posters up for what (they) believe in.

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"That is what democracy is about."

The couple, both in their 70s, moved to Oxford in 2002, and had a large remain poster outside their house ahead of the referendum.

Oxford Mail:

Both are now backing a second referendum and the Lib Dems.

Mr Rosser admitted with a grin: "I have not engaged (Mr Shorter) in conversation but I have put leaflet through his letter box."

Despite an increasingly toxic atmosphere nationwide around the issue, the neighbours are civil and complimentary of each other, though they have had limited interaction.

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For his part, 62-year-old Brexit Party supporter Mr Shorter said: "We acknowledged each other in the referendum but I ain't got any animosity against them.

"We are neighbours - we've got to live side by side. If we were all the same it would be a sorry country."

Oxford Mail:

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But the former binman, who says he is set to grow his own organic British vegetables on his allotment when the country leaves, added that he didn't like the Lib Dems because they are 'wealthy and not for the working class.'

Oxford Mail:

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The 'no deal' backer added that he was unimpressed with the recent spate of 'milkshake attacks' – which has seen a number of right wing, Brexit-backing politicians doused in the sweet drink – but is keen to 'have a bit of fun' with remainers.

Earlier this year, he was involved in a spat with the council over his signs, which it denied attempting to take down.

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Today's election is likely to see both the Brexit Party and Lib Dems perform particularly well.

Pollsters are also predicting that the Greens could profit from a loss of support for the two main parties.