A risk of rodents was discovered at an Oxford kebab shop which was deemed “unacceptably dirty” by hygiene inspectors.

Kebab Kid is located on one of the city’s busiest streets, Cowley Road, and is a popular spot with residents and students, especially after nights out.

Despite its popularity, the takeaway was handed a shocking two-out-of-five hygiene rating following an inspection on Monday, March 18.

Oxford City Council’s Environmental Health team noted that “major improvement” was necessary at the busy eatery.

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Kebab Kid on Cowley Road in Oxford.Kebab Kid on Cowley Road in Oxford.

The Oxford Mail has now obtained a copy of the full report from that inspection following a freedom of information request.

One shocking discovery made by inspectors on the day was evidence of a rodent risk being posed at Kebab Kid.

“A gap of sufficient size for rodents to pass through was evident at the top of the door to the rear of the building,” read the report.

“To reduce the risk of rodents entering the building the door must be suitably proofed.

“The external bin area was unacceptably dirty. So as not to attract pests the bin area must be thoroughly cleaned and the problem not be allowed to recur.”

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Another persisting issue for the Cowley Road takeaway was the lack of cleanliness throughout the facilities with the building being described as “unacceptably dirty” by inspectors.

“The kitchen, first floor storage area and basement were unacceptably dirty and cluttered with redundant material,” continued the report.

“Thick accumulations of dirt and food debris were evident beneath and behind the cooking equipment.

“At high level the extract ventilation hood and walls were covered in grease and dirt. The hob was encrusted with carbonised grease and dirt.”

Alongside the cleanliness issues were problems with broken equipment at the eatery which inspectors were quick to highlight.

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Customers outside Kebab Kid when it had a food hygiene rating of four-out-of-five.Customers outside Kebab Kid when it had a food hygiene rating of four-out-of-five. (Image: Photo: BSM staff and customers)

“The light to the basement storage area was not adequate and created a lot of shadows,” added the report.

“To allow people to clearly see what they are doing and check for evidence of pests, adequate lighting must be provided.

“The light to the walk-in freezer was broken. Repair or replace the light to allow people to clearly see what they are doing.

“The hand dryer to the toilet was broken. Repair or replace the hand dryer to allow people to hygienically dry their hands.

“Alternatively, provide a paper towel dispenser and ensure a constant supply of hand towels.

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Kid Kebab specialises in donner kebabs (stock image).Kid Kebab specialises in donner kebabs (stock image). (Image: NQ archive)

“There is a panel missing to the top of one of the upright refrigerators in the main kitchen. Replace the panel to ensure the mechanism cannot be damaged and to allow for adequate cleaning.”

The Oxford Mail has approached Kebab Kid for comment on the hygiene report.

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