Mice and flies were discovered during a hygiene inspection at a popular Oxford café.

The Art Cafe sits in the heart of the city centre and draws in tourists and locals with its wide range of crepes, sandwiches and hot beverages.

Despite its popularity, the cafe was handed a shocking two-out-of-five hygiene rating following an inspection on November 20, 2023.

Oxford City Council’s Environmental Health team noted that improvement was ‘necessary’ at the busy eatery.

Oxford Mail: The Art Cafe is in the city centre close to Westgate shopping centre.The Art Cafe is in the city centre close to Westgate shopping centre. (Image: Newsquest)

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The Oxford Mail has now obtained a copy of the full report from that inspection following a freedom of information request.

One shocking discovery made by inspectors on the day was evidence of mice being present at The Art Café.

“There was evidence of mouse activity,” read the damning report.

“Mouse droppings were evident in the kitchen and servery area, both toward the back at low level.

Oxford Mail: Mouse droppings were found at the cafe.Mouse droppings were found at the cafe. (Image: Pexels)

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“To deter rodents from re-entering the shop, any gaps around pipework, joints and below cupboards must be filled, including internally between floors; this will make it more difficult for them to move around.”

The Art Café had no active remedy in place to deal with the rodent problem when inspectors visited and could face legal action if this remains the case.

“I appreciate a company has been contacted however they have not been back since November 7 and there is no active treatment happening,” continued the report.

“Please note if evidence of an active mouse infestation is found on follow-up visits, and no treatment is underway, legal powers may be used to close the premises.”

Oxford Mail: The Art Cafe is one of Oxford's busiest spots.The Art Cafe is one of Oxford's busiest spots. (Image: Newsquest)

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Flies were also sighted on the premises in November as several key problems were revealed at the city centre café.

“During the inspection, small flies were noted in the basement area in the kitchen and in the storage areas,” continued the report.

“Appropriate treatment methods must be used to eliminate these pets.”

Further problems occurred regarding the temperatures at which food was being stored at on the premises.

“High-risk ready-to-eat food was being stored at 10°C in fridge three in the kitchen,” said the inspector.

Oxford Mail: Flies were also found on the premises during the inspection (file photo).Flies were also found on the premises during the inspection (file photo). (Image: Pexels)

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“To avoid the growth of food poisoning bacteria, high-risk food, which requires chilling, must be stored at or below 8°C.

“I strongly recommend recording your hot food temperature checks.”

Some structural issues were also spotted in the kitchen by inspectors which impaired cleaning.

“Parts of the altro floor covering in the crepe kitchen were breaking up and starting to lift and there are missing tiles to the floor behind the fridges in the basement kitchen.

“The light in the main storage cupboard at the end of the main kitchen was not adequate.

“The door seals to some of the fridges and freezers had split.”