An Oxford pizza place has reopened after a car smashed through its shopfront.

The incident happened on the night of Saturday, January 20, as a black Vauxhall SUV crashed into two shopfronts on Iffley Road.

Chinese takeaway Tsang’s Kitchen and pizza restaurant Turtle Pizza Cafe were badly damaged in the collision which saw no injuries.

The former reopened in April but now the pizza spot has also reopened on Saturday following major renovations and redecorating inside.

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The aftermath of the crash in January.The aftermath of the crash in January. (Image: Emily Kerr)

Owner Alex Persaoui said: “I am very happy to have it finally reopened as I was struggling financially, but it now looks very nice with the new door and front.

“We have been a little busier than before and regular customers are happy that we have opened again as they didn’t think we would.

“It is the same menu as before but we are planning to have some baguettes and paninis in the future.

The 38-year-old who originally opened the spot in February 2023 is worried that a repeat of the car crash is possible

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Inside Turtle Pizza Cafe on Iffley Road.Inside Turtle Pizza Cafe on Iffley Road. (Image: Emily Kerr)

“I am very worried that the crash could happen again, and I even woke up at 4am with a nightmare that it happened again,” said Alex.

“When it happens once, it means it could happen again, but I have spoken to the landlord to put in place a barrier.

“If it happens again, I cannot survive financially, and if it happens in the daytime when customers are here, they could be injured.”

Green party councillor for the ward Emily Kerr showed her support for Turtle Pizza Café by paying the business a visit after it reopened.

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The team outside of the pizza spot.The team outside of the pizza spot. (Image: Emily Kerr)

“I’m really pleased to see that Turtle Pizza in my ward has now reopened,” she said.

“This is alongside Tsang’s, after the terrible incident both small businesses suffered earlier in the year where a car destroyed both restaurants.

“My kids are huge fans of Turtle’s margherita pizza and fresh orange juice, and I find it very convenient if we’ve not got dinner sorted as it’s open every day from lunchtime to evening.

“Please go and support a great local business that had a very tough start to the year!”

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Traffic danger has been a huge issue in Oxfordshire this year, with eight deaths in January alone, the same month as this crash occurred.

A spokesman for the force said following the incident: “It is a damage-only road traffic collision. I gather structural engineers will be assessing the damage.”

Andy Ford, road safety manager of Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service added: "Cars don’t just crash, unfortunately, it’s drivers who cause collisions.

“When behind the wheel, you must be alert, drive sensibly, safely and share the risk, from the moment you turn the ignition key.”

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Turtle Pizza Cafe's new shopfront after the crash.Turtle Pizza Cafe's new shopfront after the crash. (Image: Emily Kerr)

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