Half of the people in Oxford East are losing sleep over money fears as politicians urged to act on the cost of living.

A poll of over 7,000 people, conducted by Survation for 38 Degrees, showed that, nationally, nearly half of voters had been kept awake at night by money worries on numerous occasions over the last two years.

One in two people in Oxford East have admitted to losing sleep over money worries as 56 per cent have lost sleep over money fears either ‘often’ or ‘sometimes'.

This was significantly higher than the national figure of 49 per cent as well as Oxford West and Abingdon’s 48 per cent.

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People in Oxford are losing sleep.People in Oxford are losing sleep. (Image: Newsquest)

Across the South East, the figure was 51 per cent.

Matthew McGregor, CEO of 38 Degrees, said: “On the night before the general election, millions of people laid awake, worried about their financial future.

“They’ll be looking to the next Government for a solution and they deserve to get one.

“The first thought for those elected across Oxfordshire must be for the millions of people who have been left in such dire financial straits that they’re losing sleep, worrying about how they’re going to feed their kids or keep the roof over their heads.”

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Five Liberal Democrat candidates were elected as MPs across Oxfordshire following the general election last week while two Labour MPs were also elected.

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