After taking Oxfordshire by storm, the five successful Liberal Democrat MPs came together with dozens of their supporters for a last-minute celebration. 

Despite some candidates only managing a couple of hours of sleep, the five successful Lib Dem MPs flocked to Louie Memorial Fields in Botley on Friday morning with plenty of family and friends dressed in yellow. 

Layla Moran retained her seat in Oxford West and Abingdon, while Freddie van Mierlo won Henley and Thame, Charlie Maynard secured Witney, Calum Miller won Bicester and Woodstock, and Olly Glover was elected in Didcot and Wantage. 

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New MP for Witney Charlie Maynard said he was "ecstatic" and "completely delighted" with the news, praising the team.  

Mr Maynard said: "It's been such a team effort for our constituency and across the whole county and that's the reason why we've won because so many people have worked so hard collaboratively to make this happen."

Speaking of priorities, he said many in the community were "really, really struggling" with the cost of living. 

He said: "My wife was out, bless her, delivering for the food bank this morning and so many people need these things, and that is such a pity. We need to do better as a community at looking after people." 

(Image: Lucy Williams, Newsquest) Calum Miller new MP for Bicester and Woodstock said it had been an extraordinary 24 hours - from racing around getting last minute votes to the "deeply humbling" moment of winning the seat - saying the win "rested on the efforts of so many people". 

Mr Miller said he hoped to prioritise health having spoken with many constituents about concerns accessing health services like GPs, NHS dentists and hospital appointments - as well as many facing the cost of living crisis.

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Meanwhile Freddie van Mierlo, fresh from an "unprecedented" victory in Henley and Thame breaking 114 years of history, said voters "really want an MP they can trust". 

He said: "I will work hard for every constituent no matter how they voted - and they can expect an excellent level of customer service if you like."

Mr van Mierlo said he thought the result reflected both the community anger at the Conservatives and their record - particularly in the last five years - but was also a "genuine endorsement of the Lib Dem's manifesto". 

Didcot and Wantage MP Olly Glover who arrived by bike to cheers from the dozens of supporters - and a bear hug from his fellow MPs - said the last few days had been a "complete whirlwind" with plenty of overnight shifts and an exciting count. 

He said: "The I think probably within the first hour we got a good inkling from sampling the ballot boxes as they were being opened we were potentially onto a good thing.

Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran retained her seat with an increased majority and was pleased to speak to the voters that helped her win - as well as some schoolboy fans who were keen to meet the politician at the park.

(Image: Lucy Williams, Newsquest)

She said: "We hoped to make gains, we dreamed of gaining four, and last night those dreams came true.

“We have now elected five fantastic local champions who will stand up for our NHS, demand urgent action on the cost of living crisis, and tackle the sewage scandal."

There are now no Conservative MPs holding seats in Oxfordshire, with Labour's Sean Woodcock having won in Banbury while Anneliese Dodds held her Oxford East seat.

This means there is no Conservative MP in Oxfordshire for the first time since 1777.