A dog was given CPR by neighbours after being rescued from a kitchen fire it started by turning on the hob.

Fire crews were called to a home in the Smith’s estate area of Witney yesterday (Thursday, July 4) at around 3.20pm.

On arrival, firefighters were faced with a blaze in the kitchen but the neighbours had already rescued a dog that was inside the home.

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The dog was given CPR at the scene and is now recovering at the vet.

The fire service said the hob, where a chip pan was sat, was believed to have been accidentally turned on by the dog.

(Image: Contributed)

An Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: “We can happily say the dog is at the vets on oxygen and should recover.

“A breathing apparatus team extinguished the fire using a hose reel jet and ventilated the property.

“The cause as it happens is believed to be by the dog accidentally turning on the hob where a chip pan unit was located.

“Fortunately for the owner most of the bedroom doors were closed and protected the rooms from additional smoke damage.”

Police were also seen at the scene and have been contacted for a comment.

One eyewitness said an ambulance also arrived at the scene at around 5pm, but the fire service confirmed there was nobody inside the property and no-one was injured.

Two crews remained damping out the property at around 5.10pm.