The Greens made a major breakthrough in Oxford East as they became the second most popular party.

MP candidate Sushila Dhall gained 5,076 votes, putting the party in at second behind Labour's 19,541.

This compared to the party being fourth place in the 2019 election after securing 2,392 votes.

Sushila Dhall.Sushila Dhall. (Image: Contribution.)

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Speaking out at the count on the prospect of a second-place Green party, Ms Dhall had said: "I think there's a bit of a Green surge in the country but I think people are also voting Labour because they desperately want the Tories out.

"It would be wonderful if we came second."

She added "de-privatisation of public services" and "transitioning to green energy" had been issues important to the Green campaign.

The winner was announced.The winner was announced. (Image: Other.)

Local elections in May this year saw the Greens gain two more seats in Holywell and St Clement's.

These gains come despite controversy around traffic measures in Oxford which have seen "anti-LTN (low traffic neighbourhood)" candidates gain votes.

The Conservative Party lost votes in Oxford East as expected but still came third with 4,739 - beating the Lib Dems' 3,437.

View from the balcony.View from the balcony. (Image: Noor Qurashi.)

The Independent Oxford Alliance's David Henwood and Independent Amir Steve Ali, both seen as "anti-LTN" candidates gained 2,381 and 1,761 votes respectively.

Ms Dhall said in Oxford East in particular there was a "big issue of housing", agreeing with Labour on this particular point.

She added: "What I'd really like to see is more social housing, more affordable housing, more housing with shops and community centres."

Liberal Democrat city councillor Roz Smith was present at the count to offer her support to the Oxford East candidate Theo Jupp.

She said she was feeling optimistic about the prospects of the party nationally but when asked if she thought the Lib Dems could come second she said she was "not sure" what would happen but suggested it would be a good boost for the party if it did.

The Conservatives came second in Oxford East in 2019 with 10,303 votes and the Lib Dems third with 6,884.

The winner of the day, Anneliese Dodds, said she was "absolutely delighted" to hold the seat.

Labour held Oxford East.Labour held Oxford East. (Image: Contribution.)

Ms Dodds added: "It's been the honour of my life to represent my home, to represent Oxford East.

"I'm very grateful indeed to all those people who voted Labour."

Responding to a question on her priorities going forward, Ms Dodds said: "I think Oxford East is a wonderful place. It's an incredible place with amazing people in it - incredible people and culture but it is also a very unequal place."

She said we "need to see additional social genuinely affordable homes being built."