The Labour Party has held its seat in Oxford East in the General Election with MP Anneliese Dodds saying she is "absolutely delighted".

After a long night of verifying and counting, it was revealed the party had managed to secure 19,541 votes, giving it a majority of 14,465.

Votes were counted.Votes were counted. (Image: Noor Qurashi.)

This amounted to a decrease from the last General Election where Ms Dodds secured a majority of 17,832 but was still enough to see Labour glide comfortably into power.

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Speaking to us following the result, Ms Dodds said: "I'm absolutely delighted.

"It's been the honour of my life - representing my home, representing Oxford East.

View from the balcony.View from the balcony. (Image: Noor Qurashi.)

She said: "I'm very grateful indeed to all those people who voted Labour in this election."

Ms Dodds said her priorities going forward would involve making Oxford East less of a "very unequal place" and building more "social, genuinely affordable homes".

The Green party had the second highest number of votes at 5,076 - up from the 2019 result of 2,392 where it had placed fourth.

Speaking at the count before results were announced, Green candidate Sushila Dhall said she had thought it was a possibility the party could come second and that "it would be wonderful".

The Conservatives were expected to lose votes in line with national trends but didn't poll too much below expected - coming in with 4,739.

Independent candidates were expected to make gains largely due to some disillusion in the constituency with controversial traffic policies such as low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) and around rhetoric on Gaza.

They made gains but these were not substantial enough to see them overtake any mainstream parties.

Lib Dem city councillor Roz Smith was at the count.Lib Dem city councillor Roz Smith was at the count. (Image: Noor Qurashi.)

The Independent Oxford Alliance, which had gained four seats in the local elections, saw its candidate get 2,381 votes, and Independent Amir Steve Ali received 1,761 votes.

We asked Ms Dodds whether she considered any of the Independent gains to be substantial.

She said: "Oxford's always been a very politically competitive city and it always has been.

"There are no certainties in Oxford but nor should there be.

"My approach has always been to try and understand all the concerns of people in Oxford East so that I can then try and act on the basis of them."

The full list of results is as follows:

  • Anneliese Dodds - Labour and Co-operative Party – 19,541
  • Sushila Dhall - Green Party – 5,076
  • Louise Brown - The Conservative Party Candidate – 4,739
  • Theodore Ernest Jupp - Liberal Democrat – 3,437
  • David Henwood - Independent Oxford Alliance – 2,381
  • Amir Steve Ali – Independent – 1,761
  • Zaid Marham - Workers Party - 615
  • Jabu Nala-Hartley – Independent - 600
  • Andrew Smith - Rejoin EU – 425
  • Katherine Mary Longthorp - Party of Women - 337
  • Benjamin Adams - Social Democratic Party – 232
  • Brandon Luke French - Workers Revolutionary Party - 197