An Oxford family have been left shocked as their pet cat was left for dead in an alleyway following a dog attack.

Terry Georgeson from Headington let out Monty at 8.20am on Wednesday, June 26 but the pet cat did not come home.

The family were then emailed by Abingdon Animal Hospital to say that he had been brought in following an animal attack.

Monty had been found in a secluded alleyway off Northcourt Lane, behind Abingdon United Football Club, lying in a bush and close to death.

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Monty the cat is 11 years old.Monty the cat is 11 years old. (Image: Terry Georgeson)

The 11-year-old cat had suffered puncture wounds from a bite from a large dog and a broken jaw.

“I personally, as well as my family and friends, are shocked and very upset at what has happened,” said Terry.

“It is one thing that our family pet has been injured, but quite another that someone has then taken him miles from home and dumped him in an isolated spot to die.

“We are devastated that this happened to him. I am also very angry too.”

The 53-year-old’s family have been deeply affected by last week’s events after having Monty for over a decade.

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“This is a serious case of animal cruelty as well as being a considerable emotional injury to me and my family,” revealed Terry.

“We have had Monty since my now 14-year-old daughter was three years old, so he has been there all her life.

“She is distraught that someone could be so deliberately cruel.

“It is sinister how he was found dumped in a bush in Abingdon when we live in Headington and expected him to never be found.

“They could have taken him to a vet and said they had found him, it wouldn't have cost them anything.

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Terry and Monty have been reunited after the attack.Terry and Monty have been reunited after the attack. (Image: Terry Georgeson)

“It was a cowardly, callous act and we are worried that this person may be in our neighbourhood.”

Monty has now been treated and is at home recuperating following surgery to repair his broken jaw.

“It will be a long road to recover from his injuries but he should fully recover in time,” added Terry.

“We are extremely grateful for the lady who found him, took him to the emergency vet and saved his life.

“It has cost us a small fortune so far, but it is worth every penny knowing he is now safe.”

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Monty the cat was found close to death in the alleyway.Monty the cat was found close to death in the alleyway. (Image: Terry Georgeson)

The incident was reported to Thames Valley Police but they have filed the case for now.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley police said: “This was reported to us on Thursday, June 27 but has since been filed pending further information coming to light.

“Anyone with further information should call 101 or make a report on our website, quoting reference number 43240302450.”

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