The reason why a plane had to perform an emergency landing outside Oxford has been revealed.

At around 1pm on Monday afternoon (July 1), a plane crashed in a field close to Woodstock Road in Begbroke shortly after taking off from London Oxford Airport.

It sparked a large response from the emergency services as ambulances and the fire service were spotted attending the incident.

The airport revealed on Tuesday that the emergency landing was due to an engine malfunction onboard.

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The plane performed an emergency landing outside Oxford.The plane performed an emergency landing outside Oxford. (Image: Public submission)

A spokesperson for London Oxford Airport said: “Yesterday afternoon, a light single-engine training aircraft made an emergency landing in an agricultural field after experiencing an engine malfunction shortly after departure from Oxford Airport.

“There were no injuries to anyone resulting, both occupants safely evacuated the aircraft and there was no damage to the aircraft involved.

“The aircraft is being recovered to the airport by road where it will be carefully inspected by technicians before further flight.”

An anonymous eyewitness told the Oxford Mail about what they saw as they passed the area where the incident took place.

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“Lots of fire engines were around the A44 in Begbroke as well as a rapid response vehicle from the ambulance service,” they said.

“The light aircraft appears to have landed in the field shortly after take-off from Oxford Airport.”

The crash has now been described as “serious” by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch with the entity also confirming that an investigation into the incident is underway.

A spokesperson for the Air Accidents Investigation Branch said: “AAIB is aware of a serious incident involving a light aircraft at Oxford Airport which occurred on Monday.

“We have made initial inquiries and will be conducting an investigation.”

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London Oxford Airport in Kidlington (PIC: Richard Cave).London Oxford Airport in Kidlington (PIC: Richard Cave).

Photographs show the plane in the field and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service confirmed shortly afterwards that two people were onboard.

A spokesperson for the service said: "We were called on Monday, July 1 at 12.58pm to a field next to A44 Woodstock East, close to Begbroke Slip Road.

"Fire engines were sent from Kidlington, Eynsham and Rewley Road fire stations, supported by the airport fire and rescue service.

"No action was required by Oxfordshire County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service as the two occupants were out of the aircraft when crews arrived."

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The plane had taken off from London Oxford Airport.The plane had taken off from London Oxford Airport. (Image: Newsquest)

London Oxford Airport is a privately owned airport located near Kidlington north of Oxford and specialises in general and business aviation.

It is home to Leading Edge Aviation, CAE Oxford, formerly Oxford Aviation Training, Volare Aviation, and Go Fly Oxford.

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