Members of the public have been warned by emergency services after a major chemical leak in Oxfordshire.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning (June 30) as Thames Valley Police and Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to North Leigh near Witney

Emergency services staff found a chemical leak following an incident involving Sodium Hypochlorite, which is used to clean swimming pools.

Residents have been told to close their windows while the plume of chemical gas is dealt with, which may take multiple hours.

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A spokesperson for the fire organisation said: “Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service alongside Thames Valley Police have attended an incident this morning in North Leigh.

“Sodium Hypochlorite, a chemical used for cleaning swimming pools has leaked and caused a reaction.

“Fire & Rescue are ventilating the building and residents between Eynsham Hall and the A40 should shut windows and doors until the plume has dissipated, which may take several hours."

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NOTICE: This article previously stated the chemical leak as Sodium Chloride as that was what was reported by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

The service has since corrected their statement to mention Sodium Hypochlorite and our copy has also been amended.

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