An air ambulance and paramedics descended on a village just outside Oxford after an incident.

The incident occurred at around 8.40pm on Saturday evening (June 29) as a yellow air ambulance landed in the Links Playing Field in Kennington.

Paramedics were spotted heading in the direction of Links Road and Liddards Close before the air ambulance left the scene around 20 minutes later.

Photographer Oliver Sjoberg was an eyewitness to the incident and spoke to the Oxford Mail after grabbing photographs of the air ambulance in flight.

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“The air ambulance avoided hitting children as it came down before it shut off its engines,” he said.

“An ambulance SUV arrived and collected two paramedics as they jumped out with large bags and then quickly sped off towards Links Road and Liddards Close.

“Roughly 20 minutes later the skilled pilot received word to take off and return to the John Radcliffe Hospital without the two paramedics nor did any patients.”

The nature of the incident in Kennington is not yet known with officials and emergency services yet to comment.

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The air ambulance landed in Kennington.The air ambulance landed in Kennington. (Image: Oliver Sjoberg)

Thames Valley Air Ambulance, South Central Ambulance Service and Thames Valley Police have all been contacted by the Oxford Mail for further details on the incident. 

This comes just hours after paramedics and ambulances were called to Ock Street in Abingdon to deal with a man suffering from a medical episode.

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