A CONVICTED murderer who killed for a second time when battering to death a disabled father-of-five, has been jailed for life.

Liam Jones was sentenced to 37 years in prison after murdering 59-year-old Phillip Breach on November 30, 2022. He subjected disabled Mr Breach to a minimum of 37 separate blows.

Reading Crown Court heard that in 1983, when Mr Breach was 20 years - he was struck by a car which left him with permanent brain damage and a limp. 

Oxford Mail: Liam JonesLiam Jones (Image: TVP)

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Jones, 45, who was not present in court for his sentencing on Thursday (May 23) due to illness, was convicted on one count of murder by majority verdict on March 22.

High Court Judge Mr Justice Murray said Jones ‘did not have the courage’ to attend his sentencing hearing.

He had previously been jailed for the murder of Ian O'Brien in 2002 and was eventually released on parole on July 12, 2021. Jones, described as a loner, stabbed Mr O'Brien to death by plunging a knife into his head and throat in Southampton.

The court previously heard that police attended Wood Farm Park between Wood Farm Road and Nuffield Road, Oxford, following a report of a man shouting for help.

Sarah Gaunt, prosecuting, dismissed any claims that Jones, previously of Bonar Road, Headington, Oxon., had showed no intention to kill Mr Breach.

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 She said: "It is stated by the defence that there was no intention to kill and the prosecution case is that this can't be said in this case.

Oxford Mail: Phillip Breach/Family handoutPhillip Breach/Family handout (Image: Family handout)

 "This was an exceptional, particularly brutal attack with a minimum of 37 different blows."

 Ms Gaunt added: "There is no suggestion of any provocation immediately before the attack by Phillip Breach."

The court heard that it appeared Jones had followed Mr Breach and guided him to an area shaded by foliage before carrying out the murder.

 Mark Gatley, defence counsel for Jones, pointed to the defendant's PTSD diagnosis and the trauma of his childhood as mitigating factors.

Daniella, Mr Breach's daughter, prepared a victim personal statement. It read: "Firstly, I would like to make very clear that no amount of words would ever be able to describe the immense pain and suffering we have had to endure through the death of our dad.

"He was so very special and everyone who knew him would tell you this.

"He had his faults, as every one of us does - but he wouldn't hurt a single soul... that's why what happened to him was such a shock."

Daniella added: "The impact of our dad's death has affected everyone, including our children.

Oxford Mail: CCTV released by police of Liam JonesCCTV released by police of Liam Jones (Image: TVP)

"My dad being killed has impacted so much on our lives, more than you could imagine.

 "Me and my brothers never expected to be planning our dad's funeral at ages 18, 24 and 26.

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 "Knowing my dad suffered over 50 injuries to his body leaves me lying awake at night."

 A later statement made by Daniella spoke of the trial. She said: "We had to sit and listen to [recordings] of my dad screaming in pain, calling for help."

The court heard that Mr Breach had been heading back from a local Co-op shop after picking up a newspaper - as was his morning routine.

On his way home, the defendant followed Mr Breach, guided him to an area in Wood Farm Park and beat him to death.

The judge concluded that there was some planning and premeditation but not to a significant degree.

The post-mortem examination found that Mr Breach had suffered various injuries, including multiple blunt force injuries - mostly to the head and face. These included fractures to his cheekbone.

The court heard that an eye-witness saw Mr Breach being guided to the shaded area by another man, whilst five students witnessed the prolonged assault from the window of a nearby house.

Shortly after, local people heard screams for help.

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Mr Breach was declared dead at 7:39am at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, after the attack at around 6am.

The court heard that Jones suffers from depression, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, serious drug addiction and other issues.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment - with a minimum term of 37 years - for the murder of Mr Breach.